Collection: Healing Sessions

Nyrah is a Nondual Therapist & Sacred Songs Artist that has studied and trained in many areas of energy work and holistic therapy: Kundalini Bodywork, Shadow Work, Pranic Healing (Pranapat), Reiki, Tantra Bodywork, Kundalini Shakti, Nondual Psychology, Tantric & Taoist Bodywork, Masculine & Feminine Polarity Work, Breathwork and Meditation. Through a unification of her passion for both music and alternative medicines, Nyrah specializes in working with clients that have the Intention of releasing  trauma & addictions, increasing pleasure, creative energy & peace, transforming chronic depression, anxiety, releasing stuck emotions and finding their truest voice and expression.

There are three session formats offered:

  • Kundalini Bodywork
  • The Voice Medicine
  • Reiki

All sessions are virtual, via Zoom and lasts approx. 2 hours (except for Reiki Sessions). Once you have selected the sessions you’d like to purchase, you will receive a separate e-mail from purchase confirmation once payment is processed (within 1-3 hours) with Nyrah’s calendar to book your session. If you need additional availability for a session booking, please request so from Nyrah via the e-mail provided on the purchase confirmation.

To request more information from Nyrah regarding any of the session options, please e-mail