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Nyrah Soul



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Your voice is your medicine.

Are you ready to tap into it?

A reclamation of the voice as a tool for authentic expression, creativity & emotional release through the power of sound & energetics…

The voice, our sacred sounds, are our powerful medicine: On The Voice Medicine 1:1 Sessions, we go beyond signing. It is a holistic process of unblocking the energetic, physical and emotional channels that are connected to our voice space: the throat, heart and sacral centers.

Throughout our lives, we may go through experiences that cause trauma and blockages  around voice (or one of the channels connected to the voice) that can keep us from expressing our truths, speaking up, connecting to creative potential and accessing the full range of our voice. When our voices are activated, this allows us to express ourselves authentically and access our deepest  creative potential.

The voice is a direct channel from the heart and sexual creative organs. This is illustrated anatomically in the human body through the similarities of our lanrynx & uterus and connection of pelvic floor and larynx through the fascia tissue. When our voices are activated, this allow us to express ourselves authentically and access and connect to our deepest  creative potential. This can have a deeply transformative aspect on our layers of our lives. 

Benefits of this work:

- Find the confidence to sing

- Develop you energy body to hold the potential of your sound

- Transform traumas connected to overall expression and voice, with practices that are life changing tools

- Learn practices and vocal techniques that enable YOU to continue to develop your voice your own, exploring the colors and timbres of your unique voice

- Use sound as a tool for manifestation & transformation

-Release fears around using your voice in your offerings

-Awaken your creativity and your true potential through kundalini energy

- Vocal exercises, songbooks, personalized playlists, mentorship for recording and releasing your music (6-session option), using your voice in your events and more

-Tap into the immense powers of sacred sound to release stagnant energy and trauma


On the one on one sessions, we will explore:

  • Energy circulation practices to increase somatic awareness & activate connection between voice, heart and sacral (creative) center
  • Vocal practices to expand your voice 
  • Emotional-release exercises to help release blockages associated  to the vocal expression
  • Breathing fundamentals to access your sound
  • Kundalini Activation transmission to open the creative channels and deepen creativity
  • Song studies ( when booking session package to allow for more time for immersion )
  • And more! 

Duration of each session: Approx. 2 hours, via ZOOM. After purchase, in 2-3 hours you will receive an e-mail with preparation instructions and Nyrah's calendar to book your first session.

There is a discount of $250 USD when choosing to work with Nyrah longer term in the 6 sessions option. In this option you also get to keep the recordings of our sessions.

Please keep in mind all  session packages expire within 6 months of date of the first session and are non-transferable and non-refundable. While stepping into this work, it is important to incorporate the practices given as often as you can, to be able to fully receive the holistic and transformative benefits of the work <3

Instagram: @NyrahSoul @SongbirdNyrah



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