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Nyrah Soul



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Reiki Sessions support deeply in dealing with stress, physical pain, improving general flow of life force, releasing lower energies and assists the receiver in opening up to the awareness of their energy bodies, connecting deeper with themselves and embracing living as their truth.

The same way we must care for our physical bodies, maintaining and caring for our energy (subtle) bodies is just as important. When our chi flow becomes weak of blocked, it can lead to physical and emotional imbalances.

Post-Session, most recipients experience an overall sense of well-being and relaxation. Reiki transmission balances out the energy centers of the body, so If a recipients energy has been stagnant, a significant increase of energy  and connection to creativity can be experienced.

Bodily sensations may or may not happen, as some are more sensitive to energy transmissions than others. Even if there are no physical sensations, the energy transmission is still working. Although we cannot see with the eye how energy moves, it exists and can be measured in quantum physics.

  • Virtual Transmission (Zoom Video)
  • 1 hour of duration
  • You will receive a booking link from Nyrah 2-3 hours after purchase is complete to book your session. Please check your spam folder for the e-mail.
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