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In a Kundalini bodywork session we work with the body's armor in releasing blockages, tension and suppressed emotions such as confusion, fear, sadness, shame, etc. This armor is created throughout our life and is a result of blockages created by trauma, tension and thought patterns that we have gained through our experiences. When we operate from these negative emotions, locks can cloud our minds and spiral us into a negative life story - instead of letting go and living with a more peaceful and loving energy.

This armor also prevents our natural life-force energy, also known as Kundalini energy, from flowing freely in our body to create pleasure, creativity, calmness, abundance and vibrance. When this energy is flowing freely, we feel more alive, magnetic and inspired, and we are able to feel our needs/boundaries, desires, and a more pure form of pleasure.

Kundalini Bodywork and Shaktipat are often paired together, especially in the last two years since there has been an increase of modalities who work with Kundalini energy to reach non-dual states of awareness.

Nyrah is a Kundalini Bodywork facilitator,  taught in the school of energetic bodywork by Elliott Saxby that was developed in 2017. Kundalini Bodywork is a holistic practice which means we first work with trauma, shadow and other energies in the body, learning from them and transforming them to clear the path of Kundalini. While also working with direct energy transmissions Kundalini Bodywork includes somatic de-armouring practices, breathwork, shadow work and non-dual psychology before practices of Tantric embodiment and entrainment are purposefully introduced (although often happen naturally), so it is a much more encompassing and holistic practice than only an activation. It is described as the middle path as both surrender and the use of our free will are vitally important where as in Shaktipat the focus is on complete surrender.

Ultimately Kundalini energy helps us evolve and transform, even in its smallest degree of experience.

Benefits of working with Kundalini Energy:

  1. Develop the nervous system to move more energy.
  2. Clear negativity, and to let go of old patterns and addictions.
  3. Take pain and trauma out of the body on a cellular level, reprogramming cells to a higher vibration.
  4. Manifest intentions.
  5. Tap into your most powerful creative energy.

Duration of each session: Approx. 2 hours, via ZOOM, unless you have contacted Nyrah to arrange this as in person. After purchase, in 2-3 hours you will receive an e-mail with preparation instructions and Nyrah's calendar to book your first session.

There is a discount of $250 USD when choosing to work with Nyrah longer term in the 6 sessions option. 


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