The Story

Nyrah Soul is the founder of, Songbird Instruments, Soul Energetics & The Voice Medicine. Through all of her offerings, from instruments to one on one sessions, Nyrah is fueled by her vision of expanding music as a gateway to the hidden worlds of the soul. She aims to support others in expressing the deepest songs of the heart through music and energetics, while remembering that we are all powerful alchemists.

Originally from Brazil, her passion for music and connecting with different instruments began at an early age. Today, Nyrah supports several local luthiers & artisans in Brazil through the sales of instruments and ceremonial items listed on this website. Passionate about expanding the music in all aspects of life, Nyrah’s vision and design choices are an important part of the collection of instruments that are sold.

Nyrah is a lifelong musician, Nondual Therapist & Sacred Songs Artist that has studied and trained in many areas of energy work holistic therapy: Kundalini Bodywork, Shadow Work, Pranic Healing (Pranapat), Reiki, Tantra Bodywork, Kundalini Shakti, Nondual Psychology, Taoism, Masculine & Feminine Polarity Work & Breathwork. Through a unification of her passion for both music and alternative medicines, Nyrah specializes in working with clients that have the Intention of releasing sexual trauma & addictions, increasing pleasure, creative energy & peace, transforming chronic depression, anxiety, releasing stuck emotions and finding their truest, truest voice!

Nyrah’s work with the healing arts came into life fueled by her own deep intention and life mission to transform traumas holistically.  Nyrah is passionate about studying several forms of alternative medicines, immersing with sacred medicinal plants and truly living her purpose as a sacred songs artist.

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