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Nyrah Soul

Tigerwood Eagle Totem Native American Style Drone Flute - Made to Order in Am, F, F# or G

Tigerwood Eagle Totem Native American Style Drone Flute - Made to Order in Am, F, F# or G

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This TigerWood Native American Drone Flute is made in Brazil and lots of love and intention! This piece produces a sweet meditative sound that is beautifully impactful to those who hear it. 

This is a made to order flute, customizable flute. Please be advised that all made to order flutes are final sale due to the nature of creating each instrument and the uniqueness of each piece. The time frame for ship out is an average of 14 business days  from the day you place your order, plus shipping time. 

This style of flute measures  on average between 22-26 inches in length. As each tree and grain of wood used for production is unique, tonality of wood may vary in each flute, however, this makes each piece entirely unique and even more special on its own. During the creation of each flute, we work in the best way to honor superb tuning and sound for each piece and this is what can bring a variation in length of flutes. The color of threads will also vary depending on availability for each made to order flute. All drone flutes traditionally come with a feather carving (as seen on photos) and are intuitively decorated by our team using small special stones from Brazil and Peru. 

For all made to order drone flutes, you may choose from the following totems: Native American Traditional (as seen on this photo), Eagle, Wolf or Horse. If you are looking for a different totem not listed here or another particular detail or scale not listed here, please contact us on the contact form and we will let you know if we can make your special order. 

The Native American Drone Flute in the musical track in video on this product gallery is  in the key of Am, 432hz tuning.


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