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Songbird Nyrah

Dreamcatcher Cherry Wood Native American Style Drone Flute, Wolf - IN STOCK, Key of G 432HZ

Dreamcatcher Cherry Wood Native American Style Drone Flute, Wolf - IN STOCK, Key of G 432HZ

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This is an IN STOCK flute and readily available for ship out in 2-3 business days once order has been processed!

This Cherry Wood Native American Style Drone Flute is made with a body of cherry wood from Brazil and lots of love and intention! This piece produces a powerhouse of sound that is beautifully impactful to those who hear it. This in stock piece has a Wolf animal spirit totem and beautiful black walnut mouth piece and is in the key of G, with 432hz tuning.

This model of flute measures 23 inches in length and comes with a Dreamcatcher carving  (as seen on photos) and has small special stones from Brazil and Peru for decoration.

All flutes (unless out of stock) will come with a handmade bag created out of fabrics that were made in The Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru. We put our heart and soul in creating everything that makes up the instruments. It is not possible to choose the color and style of your flute bag, as these are always varying depending on availability of fabrics. 

If you would like to order a customized Drone Flute, please refer to the product listing '' made to order'' to choose from the available customization options. Please be advised that it takes an average of 6 weeks for completion, plus shipping for all made to order flutes ate the moment. There is a lot of detail and intention that goes into producing each of these sacred instruments, so this is why we ask for this amount of time for the creation of each special flute. 

 The Native American Drone Flute in musical track in video is a cherry wood in the key of G, 432hz tuning.Please turn sound on to hear and refer to @Songbirdnyrah instagram for more videos.

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